Smart City Region

Gauteng City-Region Observatory

Project lead

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A primary focus of the GCRO is to develop complex research into easily accessible infographics, interactive websites and maps. As such, the GCRO has a wide range of websites and interactive tools. In 2015 I organised an exhibition and symposium that brought this work together into a single space and questioned its role in the ‘smart city’ debate.

The ambition behind the event was to spark a conversation that could inform a research trajectory on ‘Smart cities’ for the GCRO. The event was hosted as part of the Fak’ugesi African Digital Innovation Festival 2015, at the Digital Innovation Zone, a part of Wits’ new Tshimologong Precinct.

The symposium was followed by the exhibition and launch of new online and interactive GCRO products. These include a new GCRO website, a new GCRO identity, a new GIS website, a new Ward Profile Viewer, the inclusion of GCRO data on ESRI’s Urban Observatory website, and the public showcasing of four interactive data visualisations produced by students from the Wits Digital Arts Division in partnership with the GCRO.

Photos by Anthea Pokroy, GCRO