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August 2021
I have been appointed as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Johannesburg.

December 2020
I successfully defended my Doctor of Design dissertation to my committee at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. 

September 2020
The second edition of the Folio Journal has been launched. I contributed an essay entitled ‘Space for Sale: The Territorialization of Outer Space’.

February 2020
We launched New Geographies 11: Extraterrestrial at Harvard GSD’s Loeb Library. The journal is an editorial collaboration between  Jeffrey Nesbit and me. Please find more information here.

December 2019
I visited the South African Radio Astronomy Observatory’s MeerKAT telescope near Carnarvon in the Karoo.

October 2019
Meshworks Architecture + Urbanism’s Peech Hotel extension was awarded the national Arcelor Mital Award for Architecture at the South African Institute of Steel Construction Awards. The same project also won an award of commendation at the Gauteng Institute for Architecture Awards.

September 2019
New Geographies 11: Extraterrestrial, a journal I’m editing with Jeffrey Nesbit, was awarded a Graham Foundation grant.
I also visited the FAST Telescope in Guizhou Province, China.

July and August 2019
Research trips begin. I visited the Atacama Large Millimeter Array in the Chilean Atacama, and the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. Two immensely interesting and enriching experiences.

June 2019
I received the excellent news that I had been selected as a 2019 recipient of the Harvard University Frederick Sheldon Travelling Fellowship.

May 2019
Return to the USA to reconnect with the GSD and celebrate my partner’s graduation.

April 2019
Attended the Square Kilometer Array (SKA) History Meeting at Jodrell Bank in the UK. An excellent opportunity to meet key figures in the astronomy world.

December 2018
Doctor of Design Prospectus successfully defended. Now home to South Africa to begin my research.

August 2018
Excited to return to the Sam Fox School at Washington University as a guest critic for their Global Urbanisms final  presentations.

July 2018
I had the privelege of teaching in the English for Design program at the GSD. The program aims to assist second language English speakers to improve their English language skills in advance of starting their design degrees.

May 2018
My general exams are a pass! One of the more intense academic experiences of my life...

April 2018
It’s been announced that after many years in the making, 10+Years 100+Projects: Architecture in a democratic South Africa will soon be available for purchase. Compiled by Prof. ‘Ora Joubert, the book collates and records over 10 years of architecture student thesis work from across South Africa’s universities. I am pleased to have my project included in this wonderful collection - 10 years since its completion!

March 2018
Great to have had a model I built with Silvia Danielak in Spring 2017  selected to be  included in the GSD Platform Exhibition of student work from 2016/17.

February 2018
Taking Streets Seriously, a report by the GCRO has been launched. I have a contribution published in the report entitled ‘Princess Place’, which attempts to interpret and understand a street on which I once lived.

January 2018
Mining Landscapes of the Gauteng City-Region edited by Kerry Bobbins and me, and published by the GCRO is now available. The report is an edit volume that traces the landscape dynamics of gold mining in and around Johannesburg through researched texts and photographic essays.

October 2017
Yale School of Architecture's Perspecta 50: Urban Divides is now available. My chapter details a few ways in which urban social division has been deepened in post-apartheid Johannesburg. Edited by Meghan McAllister and Mahdi Sabbagh.

September 2017
Launched MESHWORKS, a new practice in architecture and urbanism with Catherine de Souza.

August 2017
Guest critic at the Washington University Global Urbanisms final Johannesburg studio presentations in Saint Louis.

March 2017
Announced as a finalist in the IDeA Place and Displacement competition for Gemütlich|Markt with Silvia Danielak.

February 2017
Extracts from my chapter in the Movement Johannesburg book are used in the ‘Unfinished City’ exhibition at MOAD. I had no role in the curating of this content

August 2016
Moved to Cambridge, MA to start my Doctor of Design at Harvard GSD.

Guest critic at the Washington University Global Urbanisms final Johannesburg studio presentations in Saint Louis.

July 2016
‘Deepening division in Johannesburg’ conference presentation at the Contested Cities Conference, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (6 July 2016).

June 2016
‘Introducing the Gauteng City-Region’ guest lecture to Washington University, Saint Louis, Master of Urban Design study trip to South Africa (8 June 2016).

May 2016
‘Introducing the Gauteng City-Region’ guest lecture to Northeastern University, Undergraduate study trip to South Africa (16 May 2016).

April 2016
‘Visualising the Gauteng City-Region’ guest lecture to University of Johannesburg, Bachelors of Technology Class (7 April 2016)

March 2016
‘Claiming Johannesburg: Urban heritage and acts of symbolic appropriation’ conference presentation at the South African Cities Studies Conference, Durban (19 March 2016)

Guest critic at the Wits University MArch (Prof) first thesis design reviews.

‘Introducing the Gauteng City-Region’ guest lecture to Columbia University, Architecture study trip to South Africa (8 March 2016).

November 2015
Excited to return to Gwangju for the reunion of the Gwangju Biennale International Curator Course.

Launched ‘Movement Johannesburg’ co-edited with Zahira Asmal at Gallery Momo.

October 2015
Interviewed by SABC and Joburg TV on the interim results of the GCRO’s online EcoMobility survey (30 October 2015).

September 2015
‘Claiming Johannesburg: urban heritage and acts of symbolic appropriation’ conference presentation at the EUGEO 2015 conference, Budapest (2 September 2015).

August 2015
‘What Smart City?’ Panel chair, Smart | City | Region Symposium (26 August 2015).

May 2015
‘Planetary Urbanism and the GCR’ guest lecture to the Department of Architecture, University of Johannesburg, FADA (20 May 2015).

News from May 2015 onwards