Gemütlich | Markt

IDeA Competition Finalist
with Silvia Danielak

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This international design competition called for innovative responses to three sites in the world grappling with challenges around refugee support and inclusion. Silvia Danielak and I entered the competition with a scheme for Berlin. We were awarded a finalist position in the category. The project is described as follows:

‘The Gemütlich|Mark is a dispersed network of ideas and activities markets that seeks to foster a sense of belonging and entrepreneurship across Berlin, connecting refugees, local communities, and wider support structures. Our architectural proposal is drawn from Berlin's history of adaptive re-use and urban informality. We propose the strategic and temporary repurposing of abandoned industrial buildings, wherein they are restored as customizable and modular systems of comfortable rooms and courtyards able to host diverse activities, while using low-cost recyclable material. Each market functions as a core activity centre for community members, whose wider network ensures the stewardship of new interventions and old spaces, while creating core community nodes.’