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Should you be interested in my expertise, please request a full résumé from this address. Extracts are included below:

Degrees and professional memberships:
  • Doctor of Design (Harvard GSD) - Current
  • Master of Sciences in City Design and Social Science with Distinction (LSE)
  • Master of Architecture Professional with Distinction (Wits)
  • Bachelor of Architectural Studies with Honours with Distinction (Wits)
  • Bachelor of Architectural Studies with Distinction (Wits)

  • Registered as a Professional Architect with the South African Council for the Architectural Profession

Architecture and urban design experience:
26’10 south Architects
  • John Moffat Competition for Wits University
  • Clive Rundle's shop at The Firs
  • Bus Factory Project
  • House Streatly
  • Diepsloot Taxi Rank No. 2
  • Diepsloot Urban Design Framework
  • Diepsloot District Node Urban Design Framework
  • Hillbrow Skate Park
  • River House
  • Lufhereng Housing Scheme
Mashabane Rose Architects

Exhibition design, website and curatorial projects:

Research projects:

Teaching and lecturing:
  • Advanced Digital Applications: Mapping Course given to Master of Architectural Professional students at Wits University (2015, 2016)
  • Assisting with BAS(Hons) research projects at Wits University (2016)
  • History and Theory of Urban Design Lecturing in the Masters of Urban Design Programme at Wits University (2013)
  • First year design tutoring in the Planning Department at Wits University (2013)
  • First and second year design tutoring at Wits University (2008, 2010)
  • Critical Theory lecturing at the Greenside Design School (2009)

Graphic design:
  • IRGLUS New York Workshop branding 2017
  • African Development Conference Branding 2017
  • Law and Society Logo 2017
  • Harvard Worldwide Week 2017 Branding
  • Africa GSD Branding 2017
  • Various GCRO Vignettes (2013 - 2016)
  • Various GCRO Maps of the Month (2013 - 2016)
  • Designing South Africa Posters (2014)
  • [In]formal City Exhibition maps (2013)
  • Evolving Cities Publication, LSE Cities (2013)
  • IRGLUS Logo (2013)
  • Public City Publication, LSE Cities (2012)
  • City Living Project, LSE (2012)
  • Urban Joburg (2012)
  • BRT Artwork (2012)
  • Design Indaba Superstars (2010)
  • Housing and the Informal City, 26'10 south Architects (2009)
  • Harrismith | Intabazwe Publication, Wits (2007)
  • Architecture Students Congress, Wits (2005)

Please see a list of texts here.

  • 2017 NRF Doctoral Studies Abroad Scholarship
  • 2016 Oppenheimer Memorial Trust Scholarship.
  • 2012 London School of Economics and Political Science Cities Prize for Outstanding Contribution 2012.
  • 2011/2012 Commonwealth Scholarship for study at the London School of Economics and Political Science.
  • 2011 Oppenheimer Memorial Trust Scholarship.
  • 2011 Goodenough College Commonwealth Scholarship.
  • 2010 South African National Design Indaba Superstars Award.
  • 2009 South African Institute for Architects Project Award: Bag Factory Project (with 26’10 south Architects).
  • 2009 Autodesk Open Think Box Competition: First place in the professional category (with 26’10 south Architects).
  • 2008 D M Burton Prize (Wits), the best graduate in the discipline of Architecture.
  • 2008 South African Council for the Architectural Profession Award (Wits).
  • 2008 Corobrik Award (Wits), the best student in the Master of Architecture (Prof) in the course Architectural Design and Discourse.
  • 2008 Gauteng Institute for Architecture Award (Wits), best critical inquiry and design resolution through the interrelationship of research documentation to architectural representation.
  • 2008 Gordon Leith Prize (Wits), Master of Architecture graduate who obtained an aggregate of 75% of marks obtainable in all subjects and has proved consistently good in Architectural Design in all years of the course.
  • 2008 Saul Margo Memorial Prize (Wits), the final year student whose performance over the entire curriculum for the degrees of Architecture is judged to be the most meritorious.
  • 2007 Cement and Concrete Institute Prize (Wits), the best BAS(Hons.) design in concrete.
  • 2005 Aluminium Federation of South Africa Prize (Wits).
  • 2005 Louis Michel Thibault Prize (Wits), the best work in all architectural discourse courses.
  • 2004 South African Institute of Steel construction Prize (Wits).
  • 2004 Sheila Kirtly Macintosh Prize (Wits), a worthy design solution of a problem of a residential nature.
  • 2004 E J A Loerincz Scholarship, 2003 Academic Excellence Scholarship (Wits).