Design Indaba Superstars

Prize recipient


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At the time of the South African FIFA World Cup the Design Indaba hosted a national competition to create an 11-person South African design team.

The competition called for each entrant to submit a head profile photograph of themselves, together with a creative reinterpretation of the profile representing their skills and creativity. The profiles were posted on the competition website and the public voted.

I was selected as a member, and my winning design remains on permanent exhibition at the International Convention Centre in Cape Town.

The explanation text submitted with my design is as follows:

My mind is constantly occupied with thoughts and images of the city, I have combined photographs of modernist Hillbrow buildings into the form of my profile. Hillbrow is Johannesburg’s most eclectic and vibrant area, it represents the dynamic flux inherent in the city. Informal systems and economies work throughout the day to make the place home to its many residents. This is the Johannesburg I admire and try to understand better.