Clive Rundle Shop

26’10 south Architects
Project architect

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In 2009 leading South African fashion designer Clive Rundle approached 26’10 south Architects to design his new shop at the refurbished Firs in Rosebank, Johannesburg. I was given the task of managing the project and a fruitful design collboration begun! Rundle and I reimagined the glossy couture boutique as a fluid, changing workspace and gallery for clothing.

The main design focus was to create a creative, flexible space which enhanced the clothing and fitting experience.

The design included the spatial layout of the shop, the design and detailing of furniture elements within the space and a play with mirror and lighting.

An impetus was paced on realigning the perspective of the narrow shop, extending its depth through implementing false vanishing points and spatial tricks using mirrors and lighting.

The entire shop is painted with blackboard paint, which Rundle and invited artists sketch on, changing the appearance of the space. Long glass tubes diffuse and reflect focussed light in the many mirrored panels, creating a theatrical layering of space which culminates in a twisting, fabric fitting room at the back of the shop.

Rundle opened the shop with his Spring/ Summer 2010 show.